At Secure Travel and Tours, we do not offer travel services because we want to do business, but we do because we have a need to meet. Our unique solution is offered as a result of years of asking the questions and having the right conversations with industry players to understand how they make their decisions on the products and services that they consume in the travelling sub-sector. We present to you the following:


We provide corporate and personal flight bookings across the world and in the domestic market space on cash and credit basis. We have built trusted network relations with airline operators locally and internationally. The idea is to take care of the little things that usually eat into precious times of busy clients while offering professional service. Our service is 24/7.
Find great hotel prices while planning the right reservations at the best resorts, even if you need last-minute rates. Secure Travel and Tours provides cheap hotel deals, cheap holiday packages and all-inclusive last-minute deals for its visitors that book or reserve their rooms through our website. Clients can book for their choicest hotels across the globe in the comfort of their homes or offices.

Accommodation choices are varied from beachfront to the near the airport to the heart of the city with competitive rates.

If you are thinking of vehicle rentals, and looking for an organisation that can provide you with an active car hire service, then we are the destination place for you.

The world is undoubtedly a dangerous one but does not make itself so. Human nature makes it hazardous and suspicious. Dealing with a human being has more to do with security than exhibiting societal or cultural traits. At Secure Travel and Tours, we provide safety rated VIP and corporate vehicle rentals of all brands and types for all-purpose. Our fleet includes