At Secure Travel and Tours, we do not offer service because we want to do business. But we do because we have a need to meet. Our unique solution is offered as a result of years of asking the questions and having the right conversations with industry players to understand how they make their decisions on the products and services that they consume in the travelling sub-sector. We present to you the following:


[accordion_content title=”Flight Tickets”]
We provide corporate and personal flight bookings across the world and in the domestic market space on cash and credit basis. We have built trusted network relations with airline operators locally and internationally. The idea is to take care of the little things that usually eat into precious times of busy clients while offering professional service. Our service is 24/7.[button align=”center” name=”Read More” link=” ” target=””]

[accordion_content title=”Visa Assistance”]
We provide visa services and other visas related assistance to individuals and corporate clients across industries. We have built a trusted corporate portfolio across embassies and consulates in Ghana and beyond and this gives us a kind of unparalleled leverage over the competition. We pursue all those little applications, facilitating and providing advisory services in relation to visa acquisition for and on behalf of clients. Our reputation built over the years places us as the most preferred first-point of contact.[button align=”center” name=”Read More” link=” ” target=””]

[accordion_content title=”Tour Packages”]
For the few years that we have served clients in the industry across the world, we have come to learn one amazing fact about what separates those who will from those, who have. This industry is driven by the experienced frogs in the pond. We know the terrain and so we build tour packages that must win a ‘comeback’ experience. Our packages are based on value creation and not budget! Our packages cover corporate, bridal and family as well as those, whose business it is to touch virgin territories.[button align=”center” name=”Read More” link=”” target=””]


[accordion_content title=”Hotel Reservations”]
Secure Travel understands that it is more to it than available space for booking accommodation for a client. As an institution that is established by individuals who served decades of their lives in forensic intelligence and detection, booking accommodation for the busiest CEOs and others is a matter of security and safety, all of these add up to guarantee ‘comfort’.[button align=”center” name=”Read More” link=” ” target=””]

[accordion_content title=”Travel Insurance”]
At Secure Travel and Tours, we provide security rated travelling package, providing for flight cancellation, flight delays and loss of luggage and medical evacuation. Our package covers property and life. Others provide only the means for your travel without securing it completely.[button align=”center” name=”Read More” link=” ” target=””]

[accordion_content title=”Car Rental”]
The world is undoubtedly a dangerous one but does not make itself so. Human nature makes it dangerous and suspicious. Dealing with a human being has more to do with security than exhibiting societal or cultural traits. At Secure Travel and Tours, we provide security rated VIP and corporate rented cars of all brands and types for all-purpose. Our fleet includes:[button align=”center” name=”Read More” link=”” target=””]