Who We Are?

About Us

We are is one of the leading travel agencies in Ghana, providing travel and tour services to its domestic and international visitors. A two-time award-winning travel agency, Quality Service Excellence Award 2017 and the best CEO award 2019 in Ghana. Our location is at Dansoman, Accra.


To be the desired tourist company in Ghana and the sub-region with a reputation of a financially sound, customer-oriented and professionally managed company.


Secure Travel and Tour will be trendsetters for the tourism industry regarding innovative products, professionalism and customer service.


Secure Travel and Tour intends to specialize in and provide adventure, social and educational tourism in Ghana. We will do this through:


➢ Promotion of tourism trips in schools at all levels, workplaces, families, churches, associations


➢ Promotion of Ghanaian tourism abroad


➢ Facilitation of accommodation for all local and foreign tourists


➢ Facilitation of insurance coverage for tourists


Secure Travel and Tours’ business philosophy is excellent service and her most valuable tool to gain and retain customers. It is the company’s objective to stay ahead of the competition by pursuing the mission Secure Travel and Tours wants to do today and what others want to do tomorrow.


Secure Travel and Tour is known for:


➢ Being responsive to the needs of customers and intermediaries


➢ Quality service and professionalism


➢ Being reliable, dependable and trustworthy




➢ COMPULSORY EXECUTIVE TOUR PRODUCTS: These products will target the executive officers of large private sector companies (mainly multinationals) and


medium-sized companies who find it challenging to take time off to break during weekends and special holidays.


➢ FAMILY TOUR PRODUCTS: Covering families and friends on occasions like wedding anniversaries, birthdays, holidays

Akwaaaba! Welcome!

Why Choose Us?

On Ghanayello.com and other notable platforms like Google, Secure Travel and Tours is rated first in the Five Star category. We believe it is only our service deliverable that can send us there. At Secure Travel, we understand that service should not be based on budget but the unmet need of the client. We provide service based on value and professional best standards and practices. We create optional opportunities for our clients to choose from. We do not shortchange the aspirations of our clients. Rather, we pleasantly surprise our clients. We provide world-class services and follow strict best practices globally. The following gives us leverage:


Team: We have a team of highly trained and motivated professionals who continuously link theory and practice. Experience and professionalism separate us from others.


Facilities: We have world-tested facilities as demonstrated in the class of fleet we have in stock. Our products are of optimum quality, and in terms of fleet, the latest rated in the pool.


Prices: Our pricing is based on value exchange and creation. We create value and exchange with clients’ money. Our service is of international quality and moderately priced. Refer to our charge sheet on page 8.


Security: in all our dealings and service delivery, security anchors our value proposition, which, is quality, security, and freedom. Any travel package that is not security-rated begs safety questions. As professionals coming from forensic security backgrounds, our clients are assured of maximum security and confidentiality.

Technology: The world moves with those who are technically inclined. At Secure Travels, technology drives our service delivery. We have built the required technology system for fast-tracking clients’ requests and services. We deploy technology in every service delivered.

A two-time award winning Agency