Visa Assistance Terms of Service

  1. Secure Travel and Tours provides visa assistance service to clients in the submission of applications for visa and ancillary services to the appropriate institutions (Embassies) and/or immigration authorities.


  1. These Terms of Service govern the provision of all services provided by Secure Travel and Tours in the processing of visa/passport  applications and other ancillary services for our clients. All orders made by Secure Travel and Tours’ clients are subject to the terms of service set out herein.


  1. Secure Travel and Tours aims to process visa applications as early as possible. Secure Travel and Tours will use its best endeavors to minimise any delay or inconvenience caused in this respect. However, Secure Travel and Tours does not guarantee time guidelines for any visa application. Secure Travel and Tours will not be held responsible should the Embassies/Consulates or any other third party change their rules, regulations or processing requirements if that change has a direct effect on the timeline for delivery. Any processing times advised by Secure Travel and Tours through its staff or materials should be used as a guide only.


  1. Secure Travel and Tours will not be held responsible for costs incurred due to a delay in the visa process due to circumstances outside of our control.


  1. For any visa, in particular a tourist or business visa, the client should not book a flight ticket unless the embassy has specifically requested evidence of this as a requirement for the visa application.


  1. An embassy may decide to review an application in the destination country rather than at the local embassy. This decision is at the discretion of the embassy and it is not something that would be known in advance by Secure Travel and Tours. It may take longer than the standard processing time for such applications to be processed and this is outside the control of Secure Travel and Tours. Secure Travel and Tours reminds you not to book flights until your visa is granted.


  1. Secure Travel and Tours advises its clients not to make any travel or hotel bookings, sell any property, or give notice of intent to leave any job until you have your visa. Should you decide to disregard this advice, Secure Travel and Tours will not be liable for any associated costs of such action(s).


  1. Secure Travel and Tours will always lodge a visa application in the applicants’ best interest. We are a private company and we do not have authority to grant a visa of any kind. We cannot guarantee a positive result on a visa application or any assessment or review in arriving at the final result, which is part of the visa process. The final decision on all applications rests with the relevant organization responsible for issuing that result.


  1. It is the client’s responsibility to provide Secure Travel and Tours with all required information and documentation concerning an application. This may include but is not limited to documentation from third parties such as partners, family, employers, sponsors, assessment bodies, educational bodies, etc. If the required documentation does not meet with the requirements of Secure Travel and Tours. Secure Travel and Tours retain the right not to lodge that visa application until it has received all of the required information in order to do so.


  1. Secure Travel and Tours reserves the right to contact your sponsoring employer should further details be required from the authorities or for confirmation of your application.


  1. Secure Travel and Tours will not initiate the visa application process service until 50% or agreed amount  of the total cost has been paid to Secure Travel and Tours for that service.


  1. No refund is forthcoming of the 50% or agreed fees paid to Secure Travel and Tours where the visa application process has been initiated and submitted to the embassies/consulates regardless of the reason for withdrawal.


  1. In the event when a client is refused of a visa due to reasons best known to the issuing authorities which is beyond Secure Travel and Tours control, but the client has made 100% payment of the total visa application fee, 50% of the amount will be refunded to the client.




I hereby certify that all information contained in the visa application form is true and correct. I agree to provide all relevant documents Secure Travel and Tours may request to support my application. I confirm that I have read, understood and agreed to Secure Travel and Tours terms of service.


Name:…………………………………………     Signature:…………………………………..


I also confirm that I have received/read enough information about the programme and understand it. By making payment for our visa assistance service, you agree to abide by terms and conditions as set out here. Secure Travel and Tours reserves the right not to provide any service without the client agreeing to our terms and conditions as set out here.


Name:……………………………………………  Signature:………………………………….


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