• QUOTES, RATES AND PRICE VARIATIONS: Prices may be altered, or offer cancelled anytime without prior notice. It is advisable to make full payment of services in order to confirm the booking.
  • BOOKINGS: A non-refundable deposit of GHS400 is required when a booking is made. Should you decide to confirm the booking by paying the balance, this amount will be used to offset the total amount.
  • ADVANCE PAYMENT: It is important to book and purchase in advance to ensure you are offered a good price. Full payment is required for bookings 45 days or less to the departure date.
  • HOW TO PAY: Payment can be made by bank transfer and bank payment
  • REFUNDS- HOTEL AND TOUR PACKAGES (INTERNATIONAL): Our suppliers provide a lot of offers which are non-refundable. Thus, we urge our clients to be sure of their travel dates.
  • REFUNDS – AIRLINE: Based on the ticket fares rules, a ticket may be refundable/reusable. We advise our clients to inform us about the flexibility in their travel plans.
  • VISA: We do not include visa for Dubai as part of our package. Let us know if you would require a visa.
  • SERVICE FEE (INTERNATIONAL): Our service fee is $50 for all regular tour packages and $ 100 for luxury tour packages
  • SERVICE FEE (WITHIN GHANA): Our service fee is GHS 200 per person for tour packages within Ghana.

Please note that all packages have basic terms and conditions as shown above. In some cases, however, there may be additional terms and conditions which will be included in the itinerary.