Air Travel:
Safety Tips: Ghana has licensed airlines that operate scheduled local routes. She has a vibrant airline industry and there are five main airports in five Regional Capitals of the country. Kotoka International Airport in Greater Accra, Kumasi in Ashanti, Sekondi-Takoradi Airport in Western, Sunyani Airport in Brong Ahafo, and Tamale Airport in Northern part of the country. Some domestic flights operators have delayed or cancelled flights from Accra to other cities as a result of poor visibility caused by the hamattan cold-dry and trade wind.

Road Travel
Foreign nationals on visit can drive in Ghana using an International Driving Permit and carrying a valid license from their country of residence, or a local driving license from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA). Motorists are routinely stopped at police checkpoints throughout Ghana. Vehicles and passengers may be searched Most main roads are generally paved and well maintained; however, side roads within the city and throughout the rest of the country are in poor condition. Potholes, unpaved roads and lack of side rails are major hazards. Street lighting is often insufficient all across the country, coupled with the fact that drivers, pedestrians, cyclists and all manner of livestock may behave erratically or get in front of you unexpectedly, makes travels at night a very risky endeavor. Safety standards on small private buses, known as ‘Tro-tros’ and taxis are often low.

Mini Buses
Safety Tips – Mini and medium size buses ‘tro-tros’ are common but very uncomfortable. Using them outside the major towns and cities or for long distance travels not advised.

Luxury buses are common for inter region travel, and are comfortable and safer.

Ghana has a robust taxi business. Getting them at designated safe place is advised. Avoid travelling alone in taxi after dark.

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