Secure Travel and and Tours assists their client to receive good, quality and affordable medical treatment abroad. We have partners in Turkey, India and South Africa.


Medical tourism means that people visit another country to get medical treatment services.  Medical tourism is  the travels that people make abroad as a result of the fact that they do not provide certain health services in their own countries, demanding higher quality of services, the prices of services are high in their own countries, and even if these services are provided, they can not be treated because their own insurance doesn’t include these treatments.

Turkey has a great importance on health tourism because in Turkey, the treatment is carried out by a multidisciplinary approach and by expert teams. Also, leading doctors, physicians, scientists, researchers and health care professionals offers you quality-focused international health care standards supported with the latest medical technology equipment. In Turkey, almost all kinds of operations are performed successfully, especially in cardiovascular surgery, liver, stomach, eye, and oral and dental treatment, procedures and treatments in Turkey are performed in the highest standards in the world. The operations that require high knowledge and experience can be performed with great success in Turkey, such as heart transplantation and artificial heart devices, with the operations of very advanced complex congenital heart diseases.

Another thing that makes Turkey successful and preferred by many people from abroad is hair plantation. They are using high-tech instruments, and the hair-planting result is both more intense and more natural than the other systems. Hair restoration and hair transplant treatments available in Turkey include Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT).  In this case, the use of high-tech products and the fact that the costs are more favorable than in most countries is a major reason why people prefer Turkey. Thanks to successful doctors who trained in medical education of world standards, Turkey offers health services in a high quality that are innovative, and exemplary for other countries.

There are a lot of hospitals that have JCI (Joint Commission International) accredited health institutions in Turkey with accredited international standards. Private, public and university hospitals, especially Istanbul and Ankara, are equipped with the highest technology in the world. Many hospitals in Turkey are provided with oncological treatments, cardiovascular surgery, orthopedics, neurosurgery, pediatric surgery, eye and dental advanced technology medical services. Cyberknife, robotic surgery, MR, services, bone marrow, organ transplantation are also available in these hospitals.

Patients who prefer to be treated in Turkey,

  • They will be treated in a shorter time
  • They have higher standard of treatment
  • They access to high health Technologies
  • They have a better quality service at a lower cost
  • They can see the unique natural, and historical and cultural beauties of Turkey after their treatment.
  • Unlike India, Thailand, England, Germany and America, which are developed in world health tourism, Turkey is a secular country.
  • In Turkey, people who come from abroad do not have any problem about privacy, and consumption of healthy and hygienic food.
  • Turkey has one of Europe’s best organ transplant centers, the number of surgereis done in Turkey is bigger the number in Europe, Germany which is known to be the European Union’s biggest country has done 1100 surgeries while Turkey did 1200.
  • Compared to other countries,Turkey has scientific competence, equipped with a center of accrediting, more economical prices in terms of medicine, accommadation and health services. Turkey is obviously cheaper than other countries.

Turkey has many unique geographical features for its unique historical and archaeological artifacts. Turkey has become one of the most popular tourism centers with its seas, architecture, forests and historical and archaeological remains. Turkey has values that reflect the ancient civilizations of Anatolia in terms of historical monuments. Also in Turkey people can find,  fairy chimneys (Cappadocia),  resting and accommodation facilities for hot springs, historical architecture, and National Parks. In Turkey historical artifacts are as old as human history.

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