How to Make Travel Enjoyable

Take a break from sprawling by the pool and try these fun, calorie-burning activities on your next holiday.

  • Make morning time your activity time. The weather will probably be kindlier, your energy levels higher and your agenda emptier than later in the day.
  • Re-familiarise yourself with sunrises and sunsets. A walk at dawn or dusk is rejuvenation defined. Try to make this a daily ritual of life away from home, and you will guarantee yourself both physical and spiritual replenishment.
  • Fly a stunt kite:  If there’s a good wind blowing, buy a stunt kite and take it to the beach or other large open space. These kites can be easily assembled, then taken apart, making them perfect for travelling. You’ll give your upper body a great workout as you struggle to control the kite. You may also have to run or walk to keep the kite in the air – or chase it down once it plummets to the earth.
  • Choose a cruise: It is amazing how active you can be while stuck on a boat in the middle of the ocean. Most cruise ships offer numerous options for seaworthy exercise. Many have pools, golf simulators, climbing walls, fitness centres, jogging and walking areas and instructor-led fitness classes – and that’s just what’s on board. During any ocean and land excursions you can burn calories as you snorkel, hike, scuba-dive and horseback ride.
  • Get into the water as much as you can. Don’t allow yourself to spend all your time sitting in front of the water. Whether it is the ocean, a swimming pool or a tree-lined lake, make sure you get into the water for swimming or games or even walking. Merely standing in waist-high water is a good workout, thanks to the action of the water.
  • Get out of the car every two hours. Many of us spend a large part of our vacations on the road, either getting to and from our destinations, or using the car for sightseeing. But no matter how beautiful the scenery is, great, memorable trips don’t happen in a car seat.


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