Greenhouse Farm Jobs
Greenhouse farm job

Greenhouse Farm Jobs: Secure Travel and Tours currently has a contract with a company in Dubai where we are looking to recruit about 200 people to work in Greenhouse farming. The delegates from the company will be coming to Ghana to conduct the interview, and they are sponsoring visas and tickets for free.

The salary is also very attractive for the average person, which is 1,700 GHC excluding overtime

Greenhouse Farm Jobs

Applicants will pay non-refundable registration and a medical fee of GHS 500.

The medical team will meet with applicants in our Accra office to take them through pre-employment medicals.

Greenhouse Farm Job Package

  • Emirate cards, Accommodation, Transportation and Medical insurance will be provided by the company for free.
  • Free visas and tickets will be provided for successful candidates. Prospective workers work for 8 hours and overtime will attract bonuses at the greenhouse.
  • Salary 1700 Ghana Cedis Only

Requirement for prospective applicants

  • Valid passport
  • Two Passport pictures (white background)
  • Medical test (we have made arrangements regarding the medicals for all applicants)
  • No qualifications nor experience are required. Applicant must be able to speak basic English
  • The ages required are between 22 years to 45 years

Duration of the Greenhouse Farm Jobs contract

Two (2) years contract, and renewable

Kindly note that the interview is scheduled for 30th October 2021 at 0900hrs at a designated location in Accra.

Other Job Offers in Dubai

We also have other job opportunities for people to travel and work in various fields such as; taxi driving and security, and also cleaning jobs, with salaries ranging from 1,500 to 4,000 GHC.

  1. Security in Dubai – 3,000 – 4,000 GHC
  2. Taxi Drivers – 3,500 – 4,500 GHC
  3. Oil and Gas Job in Abudhabi – 2,000 GHC
  4. Airport cleaning in Dubai – 1,500 GHC
  5. Masons and Plumbers in Abudhabi – 1,800 GHC
  6. Store Assistants in Abudhabi – 4,000 GHC

Service charges are available on-call or office visits.