Dubai Educational Tour
Dubai Educational Tour

The Secure Travel and Tours Dubail Educational Tour Package is a one-week tour designed to offer high school students and young adults who seek an international experience, with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and explore a foreign nation.

For a growing number of students from all over Africa, this developmental pursuit has led them beyond borders to institutes of higher education abroad. In 2013, students from Africa comprised 10 per cent of all internationally mobile students around the world. In this age of Google, millions of us have unlimited access to information at the click of a button but lack the context to transfer that information into knowledge, knowing the theories but lacking immersion.

Filling this gap between information and its practical use is the role that education is meant to play in our lives.
Secure Travel’s Education Tour Packages is designed with this in mind – offering a travel experience that is focused on orienting students on the dynamics of different cultures and promoting interpersonal experience that can fuel their success in the future.


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