Ghana is a country officially known as the Republic of Ghana. It was formerly called Gold Coast. It is a country along the Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean in the subregion of West Africa. It is spanning a landmass of 238,535 km2 (92,099 sq mi). Ivory Coast borders Ghana in the west, Burkina Faso in the northern part, Togo in the eastern area, the Gulf of Guinea, and the Atlantic Ocean in the south. Ghana means “Warrior King” in the Soninke language.


Hiking is the approved term in Canada and the United States, for a long, vigorous walk, usually on trails (footpaths), in the countryside. In contrast, the word walking is used for shorter, particularly urban walks. On the other hand, in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, the word “walking” is acceptable to describe all forms of walking, whether it is a walk in the park or backpacking in the Alps.
The word hiking is also often used in the UK, rambling (a slightly old-fashioned term), hillwalking, and fell walking (mainly for hillwalking in northern England). The term bushwalking is endemic to Australia, adopted by the Sydney Bush Walkers club in 1927. In New Zealand, a long, vigorous walk or hike is called tramping. It is a popular activity with numerous hiking organizations worldwide, and studies suggest that all forms of walking have health benefits.

Mole Reserve Safari Tour
3 Days - 2 Nights

Meet by our guide at Tamale Airport and transfer you to Damango (125km away by road) for a 3-Day Mole...

Jungle Safari

Jungle Safari is an overland adventure, usually a trip by tourists in Africa. In the past, the trip was often a big-game hunt, but today, safaris are often to observe and photograph wildlife—or hiking and to tour, as well.
The hunting aspect traditionally connected with the safari is said to have its origins in the early 1800s in the region of Évora, Alentejo, where villagers hunt wild boar and reclaim land for farming. In 1836 William Cornwallis Harris began an expedition merely to observe and document wildlife and sceneries by the expedition’s members. Harris instituted the safari style of journey, starting with a not-too strenuous rising at first light, an energetic day walking, an afternoon rest, ending with a formal dinner and discussing tales in the evening over drinks and tobacco.

Mole Reserve Safari Tour
3 Days - 2 Nights

Meet by our guide at Tamale Airport and transfer you to Damango (125km away by road) for a 3-Day Mole...


Dedicated road bicycles have drop handlebars and multiple gears, although there are single and fixed gear varieties. Road bikes also use narrow, high-pressure tires to decrease rolling resistance, and tend to be somewhat lighter than other types of bicycle. The drop handlebars are often positioned lower than the saddle in order to put the rider in a more aerodynamic position. In an effort to become more aerodynamic, some riders have begun using aerobars.

And when aerobars where invented is unclear but they seem to date back to the early 1980s. The light weight and aerodynamics of a road bike allows this type of bicycle to be the second most efficient self-powered means of transportation, behind only recumbent bicycles due to the latter’s higher aerodynamic efficiency.

Mountain bikes fitted with slick or semi-slick are also popular for commuters. Though less efficient, the upright riding position allows the cyclist a better view of traffic, and they can also be readily fitted with mudguards, cargo racks and other accessories. Mountain bikes are usually ridden on unpaved roads and tracks but they are not to be confused with cyclocross bikes.

Mole Reserve Safari Tour
3 Days - 2 Nights

Meet by our guide at Tamale Airport and transfer you to Damango (125km away by road) for a 3-Day Mole...

Other Trips

These are other trips.

East Coast Invasion
9 Days - 8 Nights

Join Secure Travel and Tours, leading travel agencies in Ghana, for a 9-day East Coast Invasion tour of Ghana.

Heritage and Wildlife Ghana Tour
12 Days - 11 Nights

Proceed with us to Ghana for the 12 Day Heritage and Wildlife Ghana Tour. We will travel to Ada Beach...

cape coast tour
6 Days - 5 Nights

What could be more spectacular than an Accra-Cape Coast guided tour to Cape Coast, the capital of the Central Region?...

10 Days Ghana Trip

10 Days - 9 Nights

Enjoy once in a lifetime 10 Days Ghana Trip, which takes you to the Presidency and the Courts to watch