Career Development Exchange Programs in Israel
Career Development Exchange Programs in Israel


The effects of foreign exchange program on career development and planning of the students involved should be considered.

Foreign exchange program helps to develop the cognitive skills needed in effective transfer of vocational knowledge and skills.

It helps students to engage in cross-cultural exploration, make career decision about the relevance of their foreign exchange experiences, and involve foreign students’ perceptions of these differences which depend to some degree, on their social interests and interpersonal skills. Students who are less outgoing may have more trouble engaging in cross- cultural experiences and integrating such experiences into their occupational plans when they return to their home countries.

Our program enables students from Ghana between the ages 15 to years and above to experience the Israeli’s way of life by attending Technion School of Technology in Israel.

Students are carefully screened and selected by our international partners to be sure they possess academic achievement, adaptability and a good command of the English Language.



This prestigious degree is presented entirely in English at Technion’s Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. The Faculty is internationally recognised for its leadership in research, education, and innovation, with graduates now holding key positions in high-tech, government and defence industries. Senior academic staff, scientists and expert lecturers offer a stimulating environment, with access to state-of-the-art laboratories, among the most advanced of their kind in the world. Mechanical Engineers are employed in diverse areas, including aerospace, automotive, biomedical, chemistry industry, computer, communications, nanotechnology, robotics, and power-generation industries. The program nurtures creativity and leadership in an era of incredibly rapid technological change.


The program prepares students for careers in the private, public, and government sectors, in areas such as infrastructure and general construction, water resources management, waste water treatment, water treatment and pollution, control, air and soil pollution and remediation, and solid waste disposal. The program focusses on the different stages of the construction process including a broad variety of tasks that require knowledge and skills in assortment of management, economic, business, planning and legal areas, in addition to proficiency in classic engineering issues.


The Neubauer Professional Internship is offered by Technion International as part of the Neubauer American Semester Program. The program awards Technion credit for professional internships, and is open to qualified undergraduates, on a full or part-time basis. Students can earn up to 3 credits, for a minimum of 200 hours, over a period of 10-30 weeks. Alternatively, students can join our Research Internships in Technion labs as part of the Technion experience.


The study abroad program at Technion is open to undergraduate and graduate students from all over the world, providing international students with opportunity to experience engineering excellence at one of the world’s most innovative universities, while preparing them to excel in their future academic and professional careers. Offered through Technion international and taught in English, the program offers a challenging and intensive course load that can be tailored to meet each student’s specific interests, as well as ensuring their ability to meet specific prerequisites, or course requirements for their home universities, as well as prospective graduate or advanced studies. Courses offered in fields of Engineering and Science, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Architecture and Product Design, and Humanities, including tours around Israel, are available in both Winter and Spring Semesters.


Aspiring scientists and entrepreneurs from around the world can spend an exciting summer exploring science and business with peers from other nationalities. All programs are taught in English by the institute’s prominent faculty. In addition to getting a taste of academic life at Technion, students gain hands-on experience in their fields of interest. Social and cultural activities exploring Israel are built into each program. Programs are offered through Technion International and are between 4-5 weeks in length.


Match study abroad options with degree requirements of your home university in a wide range of fields and combine it with an internship at a high-tech company for credit!


A program designed for students interested in taking courses in engineering and science during the summer.


Studying at Technion provides you with a unique opportunity to earn your MSc or PhD degree in a supportive and stimulating multidisciplinary environment, to join a vibrant community of culturally diverse scientists from around the world, and to engage in groundbreaking scientific work at cutting-edge facilities. Technion currently offers postgraduate and graduate studies, entirely n English, in Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Education in Science and Technology, Aerospace Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Medical Science.

Qualified and interested applicants should complete the below form and submit to us for review.

Applicants can also call any of our official lines during working hours: 0800 hrs – 1700 hrs for help. 020-4444 220 or 030-2309 995

Selected qualified applicants will be contacted to come to our office to meet with the Program’s Coordinator, Mr Isaac Asiam and the Managing Director for further details of the program.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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